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Does Charcoal Work as a Whitening Agent?

Activated charcoal has made its appearances in beauty regimens and de-tox diets all over the world, but recently many people have experimented with activated charcoal as a whitening agent in ...
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Father's Day Gift Ideas 2017

If you are a last minute shopper when it comes to Father's day, it's usually because coming up with an idea for a gift is harder than it seems! Dr. Bender, a dentist in Mapleton Utah, has you ...
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Using Professional Whitening

Whitening at home or in a dental office is more effective when you understand how to avoid stains in the first place and how to use effective whitening treatment. Experts agree that you can minimize ...
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Are Dental X-Rays Safe?

The subject of dental x-rays and their necessity during dental exams can be controversial. Because dental x-rays can reveal the state of a tooth from the inside out most accurately, many doctors agree ...
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Si Buscas Una Clínica Dental...

Por supuesto su familia busca un dentista muy cerca, amigable, servicial, confiable, que ofrezca los servicios que tu familia necesita, y mucho mas! Por esta razón, Platinum Dental Care es una ...
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Una Clínica Dental Cerca de Mi

Hay muchos razones por las que debes traer a tu familia a Platinum Dental Care, una oficina dental cerca de ti que ofrece una calidad de servicio que no tiene igual. Si no conozca a alguien que haya ...
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3 Tricks to Keep Your Breath Fresh On the Go

Sometimes a quick bad whiff of your own breath comes when mouthwash, toothpaste, and breath mints are out of reach. With these tricks, however, you can outsmart halitosis no matter where you are. 1.) ...
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Keep Your Teeth Cleaner Starting Today

If you are looking for ways to keep your teeth cleaner and avoid cavities, here are some common problems we see thwarting our patients' ability to avoid tooth decay: 1.) Don't leave sugar (or ...
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Looking for "a Dentist Near Me"?

For a lot of people, choosing a dentist comes down to convenience, making what could become a lifelong relationship a matter of, "Which 'dentist near me' can fit my family in their ...
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Our Favorite Healthy Foods for 2017

Many of our patients and staff at Platinum Dental Care have made the resolution to eat healthier in 2017. If you are looking for ways to improve your oral and systemic health this year, here are 5 ...
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5 New Year's Resolutions to Make 2017 Your Best Year Yet

January is almost halfway over, but the new year has just begun! If you haven't committed to a New Year's resolution, here are 5 ideas for you to make this the best year yet! Learn Something ...
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4 Things to Know About Oral Care During Pregnancy

Due to the hormonal changes and increased demands on the body a woman experiences during pregnancy, women often encounter more dental issues in 9 months of gestation than they may have in their whole ...
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