Blog Posts in June, 2016

How to Prevent Stains on Your Teeth

Getting stains on your teeth is unfortunately all too easy due to the porous nature of our teeth. This is a shame when we work so hard to keep them pearly white! You can prevent stains easily, ...
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Which Fruits and Veggies are Better Organic?

Although “organic” fruits and vegetables often come at a premium, sometimes they offer you a cleaner (literally) food than their non-organic counterparts. This is because Organic fruits ...
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5 Teeth Tips for Summer Vacations

Summer is officially here! Kids are out of school, the weather is nice, and it’s the perfect time to travel as a family and make money. Whether you are driving or flying, however, traveling can ...
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Best and Worst Crunchy Foods for your Teeth

You may have heard that some crunchy foods work as natural toothbrushes for your teeth—scrubbing away plaque, acids, and germs as you chew. However, other crunchy foods can be destructive to ...
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How Does Gluten Affect my Teeth?

Doesn't it seem like Celiac disease is more common than ever these days? With Gluten-free options more and more available and greater understanding of what a gluten sensitivity entails, our world ...
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Summer 2016 is the Best Time To Get Braces

Getting braces can really change your schedule and your life! For this reason, if you are thinking about getting braces for your child, we recommend summertime as the best time for adjusting to ...
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Why You Don't Save Money By Not Filling a Cavity

Maybe you’ve been there—you came in to a dental appointment for a routine cleaning only to find that you have a couple of cavities that need fillings. Although the dentist recommends you ...
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Father's Day Gift Ideas for Every Type of Dad

If you want to improve the health and well-being of a husband, father, or grandfather, Father’s day is the perfect excuse to pamper him and his teeth. 1.For the Techie Dad: Oral B’s newest ...
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How to Talk to Anyone

Platinum Dental Care patients often leave our offices realizing their smile has become too brilliant not to share. Becoming smile-aholics, their newly brightened smiles seem to led increased self ...
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4 Ways Not Flossing Becomes Obvious

Perhaps you think you are being sneaky by not flossing or just lazy, but if you don’t floss it’s pretty easy for the dentist to detect. Here are 5 signs you are not flossing: 1.) Bleeding ...
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10 Cheap Summer Activities for Families in Utah

Platinum Dental Care serves a lot of families, which is why we glean a lot of information on what's fun to do around Utah (especially on a budget). Here are some of the best ideas we have gotten ...
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