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Which Dentist Fits Your Case

The ADA recognizes nine types of specialists in the dental field. Your regular dentist that you see for 6 month checkups, fillings, and crowns is usually a general dentist. If you have certain dental ...
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Foods to Avoid this Christmas Season

Christmas time is associated with family, music, and (our favorite) food! From large family dinners to the plates of cookies your neighbors drop off, this time of year is filled with delicious ...
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Ensuring Your Smile is Holiday-Ready

With thanksgiving and other holiday gatherings fast approaching, you may want to ensure your smile is squeaky-clean and sparkly. Here are 5 things you can easily do today to brighten your smile. 1.) ...
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Best Time for Utahns to Travel During Thanksgiving

Our patients at Platinum Dental Care know how hard traveling can be on the roads throughout the holidays. Not only does the forecast indicate we'll have snow well before Thanksgiving day, but road ...
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Impacted Teeth

For most people, adult teeth develop and "come in" normally--straight up and through the gums. However, when teeth fail to break through the gums completely, they are considered impacted. ...
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Best Ways to Enjoy the Last Days of Fall

Fall in Utah has to be one of the most beautiful seasons of the year. With the gorgeous changing leaves and moderate temperatures, this year especially has been memorably pleasant. The season will ...
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3 Tips from a Hygienist

If you are looking for ways to keep your teeth cleaner and avoid cavities, here are some common problems we see thwarting our patients' ability to avoid tooth decay: 1.) Don't leave sugar (or ...
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What to do About Sensitive Teeth

Anytime the soft core of your teeth called dentin (that the hard shell called the enamel normally protects) becomes exposed, you are likely to experience pain or sensitivity to hot or cold food. This ...
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Taking Advantage of Dental Benefits Before 2017

2016 is drawing to a close which means if you want to take advantage of your dental insurance benefits, now is the time to schedule your appointment! If you are unsure of what your benefits include, ...
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October is Here! Keep Kid's Teeth Healthy All Month Long

Halloween is one thing, but it seems like the whole month of October involves candy and other sticky treats. At Platinum Dental Care, we love the excitement and fun associated with this beautiful ...
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Can you Blame "Bad Teeth" on Genetics?

According to scientists, the health of your teeth depends on two things: dental hygiene and your genes. In fact, most experts agree that 60% of your susceptibility to tooth decay is based on your ...
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How to Know if You have a Great Toothbrush

Brushing your teeth is so important to preventing cavities and other dental issues, but if you are using the wrong toothbrush you may be causing more trouble for your mouth than necessary. Gum ...
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3 Common Dental Problems and How to Avoid Them

At Platinum Dental Care, we see a lot of patients with similar dental issues. The truth is, as common as some problems are, the most common ones are 100% preventable. So, save your teeth and your ...
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3 Foods that Strengthen Your Immune System

Back to school means back to the indoors, where germs move quickly and easily among students going back to school. But although colds and flus move quickly through public schools, they don't just ...
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Best Workouts to do While Brushing Your Teeth

If you are passionate about multi-tasking, trying to get into shape, or just like being efficient, these are great workouts for you. Brushing for two minutes every day twice a day makes a good four ...
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3 Best Snacks (For You AND Your Teeth!)

Sometimes we eat unhealthy snacks not because we necessarily want to, but because it's easier to grab a bag of chips sometimes than cut up a celery stalk and eat it. Not only that, but half the ...
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Natural Toothpaste: Better than Regular?

A lot of stores offer different brands of natural toothpaste, but is it better than the toothpaste you've always used? Ultimately, the basics of toothpaste are the same no matter what flavor or ...
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10 Benefits of Straight Teeth

At Platinum Dental Care, we love straight smiles. But the benefits of having a straight sm ile go beyond vain or aesthetic reasons, in fact, those who have straight teeth enjoy much more than they may ...
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Get the Family Moving With These 3 Workouts

Now that school is back in session here in Utah, kids may find it harder to get necessary regular excercise. Not only that, but Fall weather in Utah is amazing and should be enjoyed! For this reason, ...
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Can a "Raw" Diet Hurt My Teeth?

Eating "raw" is a popular diet trend designed to help people to lose weight, increase their nutrient intake, and avoid any processed or animal biproducts. The popularity of raw eating has ...
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Why We Love Electric Toothbrushes

Top-of-the-line electric toothbrushes definitely come at no small price, especially when compared with their manual counterparts. At Platinum Dental Care, we think they are worth the investment, and ...
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Keeping Teeth Healthy During the School Year

Once school starts, your kids get into a routine that often helps promote lifelong oral hygiene. They get into brushing their teeth every morning and night, and the sugary popsicles and sodas of ...
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Delicious, Easy, Healthy School Lunch Ideas

Packing school lunches can get monotonous after the first couple weeks of school. Plus, easy foods to pack are not always good on teeth (especially when your child eats mid-day and probably won't ...
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Getting the Most Out of the Last Days of Summer

Kids are getting ready to go back to school, outside temperatures are slowly dropping, and soon the waterparks will be closing for the season. Summer 2016 has come and gone too quickly! But here are ...
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What About the "Flossing is a Waste of Time" Rumors?

According to a several recent news articles sparked by a change in the dietary guidelines published by the Department of Agriculture and Health and Human Services that failed to include flossing, ...
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